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12 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

- Complete your 2020-21 Upper Deck Base Set - the most cherished and widely-collected annual set in hockey!
   - With more than 700 cards over three series, including over 125 Young Guns, this is the most extensive base set in the 30-plus year history of Upper Deck’s iconic flagship series.
   - Collect the Exclusives (#’d to 100), High Gloss (#’d to 10) and French parallels, as well as both Hobby Exclusive Clear Cut PETG parallels (Regular & Exclusives).
- Also look for the continuation of the inaugural Dazzlers - Blue and Dazzlers - Pink insert sets. Collect cards 101-150 of both brightly-colored collections.
- Upper Deck Extended Series revives several classic Upper Deck insert sets that will excite collectors old and new:
   - UD3 - Serially-numbered star veteran and top rookie sets, and a serially-numbered Gold parallel.
   - Ovation - Star veteran and top rookie sets, and a serially-numbered Standing Ovation parallel. All cards are 40 pts.
   - SPx Finite - A mix of star veterans and rookies. Look for Radiance and Spectrum parallels. All cards are 40 pts. and serially-numbered.
   - HoloGrFx NHL/HoloGrFx - Star veteran and rookie sets, and a Gold parallel of the rookie set.
   - Ultimate Victory - Star veteran and top rookie sets, as well as a Connor McDavid “Top Moments” set (McDavid MMXXI). Look for Silver and Gold parallels of each set.
   - UD Top Shelf Rookies - A serially-numbered collection of top rookies.
   - UD Pros and Prospects - A serially-numbered collection of star veterans and rookies.
   - Rookie Class SE - A collection of top rookies with Gold and Spectrum Auto parallels.
   - Upper Deck Triple Dimensions Reflections - A star veteran and top rookie set. Collect up to four serial-numbered parallels: Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald and Gold.
- Collect the 2005-06 Upper Deck tribute set, including Young Guns! Look for both Exclusives (#’d to 100) and High Gloss (#’d to 10) parallels.


BOX BREAK (on average):
- 6 Young Guns Cards
- 4 2005-06 Upper Deck Cards
- 3 Ultimate Victory (incl. McDavid MMXXI) Cards
- 2 HoloGrFx Cards
- 2 Rookie Class SE Cards
- 1 UD3, Pros and Prospects or Triple Dimensions Reflections Card
- 1 Dazzlers - Blue or Base Set - Clear Cut Parallel (incl. Young Guns) Card