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15 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.

- The 2022 edition of Skybox Metal Universe Champions features a bevy of intriguing inserts, including several new additions!
- The base set consists of 100 regular cards - each sporting a unique background design provided by the team that created the original 1997-98 Metal Universe set - and 50 high-series Metal Shredders cards (a new name and design for the high-series subset)
- The parallel lineup is extensive and will entice fans and collectors alike! There are seven colorful, serially-#’d PMG parallels ranging from Red (#’d to 150) to Purple (#’d 1-of-1), as well as Auto and low-#’d Gold Auto parallels.

- 5 2500 Degrees, Intimidation Nation and/or Z-Force Cards
- 3 Retro 1997-98 Metal Universe Championship Variants Cards
- 3 Skybox Premium Cards
- 2 Looking to the Future and/or A Cut Above Cards
- At Least 1 Autograph, PMG, Skybox Premium Parallel, Z-Force Parallel and/or Skybox Premium 1998-99 Retro Star Rubies Card