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15 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.

- Skybox Metal Universe sports a 200-card base set, which breaks down as follows: 100 Veteran Cards, 50 Rookie Cards, and 50 Veteran Superstar Cards.
- Collect the Skybox Premium Prospects and 1998-99 Skybox Premium Prospects sets featuring the top 2022-23 rookie prospects.
- Look for new insert sets Flash the Glove, Aspects, Rookie Aspects and Bottle Rockets featuring the top veterans and rookies from the NHL.
- The uniquely-designed and super rare Jambalaya insert boasts many of the best players in the game today.

Box Break:
- 5 Aspects, Bottle Rockets, Flash the Glove and/or Rookie Aspects Cards
- 3 Skybox Premium Prospects Cards
- 3 1998-99 Metal Universe Retros Cards
- 1 The House, Palladium and/or Hardware PETG Card
- 1 All-Starring, Jarring or Metal Ore Card

Case Break:
- 10 Cache Cards
- 8 Autograph Cards
- 7 Serially-#’d (25+) Cards
- 4 2013 Metal Universe, Hot Numbers, Jambalaya, Metal-X, Printing Plate and/or Serially-#’d (15 or Less) Cards
- 2 Linchpins, Hot Shots and/or Tetrad Die-Cut Cards