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5 to 9 cards per case on average!

Each 3 box case is hand packed with a variety of limited edition:
Pieces of the Past Relics
Ovalocity Inserts and
1/1 Cut Autos

1 to 3 Different Ovalocity Presidential Inserts
(Collect the Entire set of Only 10 Subjects)
  • Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, MLK, JFK, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Reagan, FDR, Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Limited to 60 or less of each.


1 to 2 Pieces of the Past Relic Cards

(Including 1/1s , Duals, Triples, Silvers, Golds, Relics)
  • Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Adams, Roosevelt, MLK, JFK, Elvis, Alexander G. Bell, Andrew Johnson.
  • Abigail Adams, Mary Todd Lincoln, Martha Washington, Jaqueline Kennedy, Michelle Obama.
  • Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, PT Barnum, Henry Ford, JP Morgan and more.

Buybacks of the top rookies, stars & Hall of Famers.