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24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

2021/22 Topps – Bundesliga will enter the markets for the first time ever in April 2022!

A lot of different Base Cards and Inserts are waiting to be found. With a bit of searching, you may find desirable Parallels from 6 different Inserts. Some of those Inserts also include limited autograph versions. Can you find Alphonso Davies and his FOREIGN BUNDESLIGA SENSATION insert, with his original Autograph? There are also many Stars with autographed Base cards to discover (1 guaranteed in every 5 boxes).

Get all 200 base cards, 45 base card autograph variations, and 100 insert cards, including Future Stars, Defense Fortresses, Team Captains, Foreign Bundesliga Sensations, Golden Generation, and Record Breakers.

Watch out for 45 limited Base Card Autograph Variations. 1 guaranteed in every 5 boxes:
- Gold Foilboard Parallel: sequentially numbered to 25.
- Black Foilboard Parallel: sequentially numbered to 10.
- Red Foilboard Parallel: sequentially numbered to 5.
- FoilFractor Parallel: numbered 1/1.

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