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18 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.


- 6 Regular Base Set Celebrated Moments, True Leaders and/or SP Top Performers Cards
- 3 Base Set - Limited Red Parallel Cards
- At Least 1 Spectrum FX Bounty Card
- 1 Base Set Autographed Future Watch Rookies (including Mystery Black Parallels) or 2010-11 Retro Future Watch Autograph Card
- 1 Additional Autograph Card (could be a Future Watch card)


- Complete the 232-card Base Set consisting of 100 regular cards and the following subset cards: Celebrated Moments, Future Icons and the coveted Future Watch Rookies. Look for both autographed and non-autographed Future Watch Rookies cards #'d to 999, with the first 50 (1/999 - 50/999) of the autographed versions also featuring an inscription!
- Collect a wide range of Base Set parallels, including the Base Set - Limited Red, the Base Set - Limited Auto (featuring hard-signed autographs), and the super rare Base Set Celebrated Moments - Auto and Base Set Auto/Non-Auto Future Watch Rookies - Mystery Black parallels.
- All Future Watch autograph cards are hard-signed, and every box contains, on average, 1 Autographed Future Watch card and 1-2 additional autograph cards.

Look for more awesome, serially-numbered Future Watch rookie cards, including, but not limited to:
- Future Watch Auto Patch
- 2010-11 Retro Future Watch Autograph
- 2010-11 Retro Future Watch Auto Patch

Also be sure to collect the Spectrum FX: Future Watch bounty cards - a subset of the beautiful 99-card Spectrum Light FX bounty set that includes 40 star veteran cards. Collect the entire set to earn amazing achievement cards.

- Many of the popular SP Authentic insert sets collectors have come to know and love are back, including: Sign of the Times, Immortal Ink and Marks of Distinction.-Included amongst the various Sign of the Times sets, including parallel sets and retro variation sets, is the "Decades Collection" featuring hard-signed autographs from over 40 retired legends. Collectors can complete their Sign of the Times 1980's and Sign of the Times 1990's sets (3rd and final year of these intra-product overlay sets), continue their Sign of the Times 2000's (2nd year) set, and start a whole new collection with the first 15 cards of the new Sign of the Times 2010's set.
- We've expanded the Immortal Ink lineup this year with an Immortal Ink Duals insert set featuring incredible pairings of legendary players.
- Also keep an eye out for several multi-player Sign of the Times autograph cards featuring two, three, four, six or eight standout active or retired players.

The Mission
Collect the complete 99-card Spectrum FX set!

Achievements to Earn
- The first 50 collectors who redeem the complete 99-card set will receive Spectrum FX card #100 and the complete 100-card Spectrum FX - Gold Parallel set. All remaining collectors who redeem the complete set will receive Spectrum FX card #100.
- Redeem all bounty cards at: For more information about the bounty program, visit the site on or after release date.

- Bolster your card collection with the popular Limited Auto Material set featuring hard-signed autographs and premium game-used memorabilia from the biggest names in the game today.
- Collect all four serially-numbered tiers!

- UD Authentics, one of three new insert sets, features hard-signed autograph cards of active stars and retired legends.
- Collect both the regular set and the two tiered, low-numbered UD Authentics Auto Patch set which pairs a piece of premium memorabilia with the hard-signed autograph.