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2018 Baseball Treasure MLB Collectible Baseball Coin Gravity Feed Box


36 packs per box. 1 coin per pack.

For the first time ever, one star from each MLB team has been immortalized on a one-ounce copper coin. Each heads side shows the player’s portrait, name and position. Each tails side shows the player in action along with key stats and facts. Coins are packed in a blind-bag wrapper.

Guaranteed silver winner in each case!

Hunt for Treasure!
Real gold and silver chase coins 1:22,000 coins will be a  specially-marked Aaron Judge Rookie Record/ROY winner, redeemable for a one-ounce .999 fine gold coin. 1:432 coins has been minted in one ounce of .999 fine silver rather than copper. Coins are seeded in random packs distributed to retail.

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