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1 pack per box. 4 cards per pack.

- Chronology Volume #1 is the first release in connection with the NHL Alumni Association highlighting retired players.
- Chronology Volume #2 (releasing summer 2020) will consist of current & retired players, thereby creating one of Upper Deck’s most comprehensive living sets.
- Look for the famed Canvas Masterpieces cards.
  - 50-card set, continuing the lineage of the famed basketball Chronology Masterpiece painted cards from a decade back.
  - Featuring original art from the trading card industry’s finest sports artists.
  - Grab Green Border and Black Border parallels, #’d as low as 1-of-1.
- Collect Franchise Heroes autographs
  - Unbelievable checklist of approximately 300 signed cards.
  - Cards feature team-based prefixes allowing team collectors to build team sets.
- Find Letterman Patches, including a sprawling checklist of up to 200 different players.
  - Every player featured with a full nameplate of letter patches to collect.
  - 90% of letter patches are signed and all of them serial #’d of 20 or less.
  - Look for between 4-6 Letter Patches per inner, on average.
- Diamond Relics – including auto versions, seeded at a rate of at least (1) per inner, on average.
- Gold premium parallels - up to 100 cards #’d of 25 or less featuring auto, memorabilia, or combo auto/mem.
- Combo Cuts – true one-of-one dual cut signature providing massive chase hits.
- 1 in a 100 – gorgeous chase set including autograph, memorabilia and auto-memorabilia combo variants

Box Break
- (1) Base set or 0 Celsius card
- (3) Additional chase cards
  - One guaranteed autograph
  - Two additional autographs or chase card