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2016 Topps UFC Knockout Hobby Box

$114.95 $150.00

4 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.

- 2 Sequentially Numbered Hits Per Pack!
- Each Pack Contains At Least 1 Sequentially Numbered Autograph Card!


Knockout Autographs - Over 40 UFC fighters and personalities will sign autograph cards.
First-time signers will be featured with a special "First Issue" designation. Sequentially numbered.
- Red Parallel - Sequentially numbered to 8.
- Mat Parallel - Numbered 1 of 1.

- NEW! Dominant Duos Dual Autograph Card - Two winning fighters from the same event are paired up. Sequentially numbered to 10.
- NEW! Triumphant Trios Triple Autograph Card - Featuring three fighters who earned a victory on the same fight card.
Sequentially numbered to 10.
- SixSigs Autograph Card - Fighters sharing a common link are highlighted. Sequentially numbered to 5.
- Thoughts from the Boss Dual Autograph Card - UFC President, Dana White, provides his thoughts on up to 20 fighters. Each card contains an autograph from both the featured fighter and Dana White. Sequentially numbered to 50.
- Scarlet Signatures - Up to 10 fighters featuring red ink signatures. Sequentially numbered up to 50.

Museum Collection Framed Autographs - Over 20 fighters on framed autograph cards
- Silver Frame - Sequentially numbered to 15.
- Gold Frame - Sequentially numbered to 10.
- Black Frame - Sequentially numbered to 5.

- NEW! Dominant Duos Dual Autograph Relics - Sequentially numbered to 5.
- Dual Autographed Fight Mat Relics - Features 2 fighter autographs and a piece of UFC fight mat on which they both competed. - Sequentially numbered to 10.

Knockout Autograph Relics - Up to 35 fighters with fight-worn memorabilia and autographs. Sequentially numbered.
- Red Parallel - Sequentially numbered to 8.
- Mat Parallel - Numbered 1 of 1.

- Championship Belt Plate Autograph Relic Card - Up to 10 UFC champions are showcased with their autograph and specially made UFC belt plates. Sequentially numbered to 8.
- Scarlet Signatures Autograph Relics - Red ink autographs with fighter-worn memorabilia. Sequentially numbered to 10.
- Autographed UFC Glove Redemptions - Cards that can be exchanged for one of up to 20 different signed UFC gloves.
- Museum Memorabilia - Up to 30 cards featuring a signed jumbo swatch from a fighter-worn UFC glove. Numbered 1 of 1.

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