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* 2016/17 Panini Select Soccer 6 Box 1/2 Case 'Serial #s' GB # 16


Fisker wanted to try this one again.

This break is for :  

(6) - 2016/17 Panini Select Soccer 1/2 case.

This is how it works. We put all 10 spots in the randomizer under random.org. We will roll the dice to see how many times we click the randomizer and that will determine the order of names and the serial # you will get in the whole break. So for example: If your name is in the 5 spot, you would get all the cards where the first part of the serial ends in 5. If your name is in the 1 spot then you would get all cards where your the first part of the serial # ends in 1.

Here is an example. Say your name falls in the 3rd spot. You would get all cards serial #d 3/XX, 13/XX, 23/XX, 33/XX, 43/XX, 53/XX, 63/XX, 73/XX, 83/XX, 93/XX and etc. Notice the last number in the first part of the serial # ends in a 3. 

Here is another example. Your name falls in the 9th spot. You would get all cards serial #d  9/XX, 19/XX, 29/XX, 39/XX, 49/XX, 59/XX, 69/XX, 79/XX, 89/XX, 99/XX and etc. Notice that the last # in the first part of all the serial #s ends in a 9. If you get 10 as your spot, then you get all the serial #d cards that end in 0... 10/XX, 20/XX 30/XX and etc. The fun spot would be # 1 because you would have a shot at all the 1/1s, if they hit.

If a card doesn't have a serial # on the card, then we would go by the actual card #. So if the card # is 46, then it goes to the 6th spot. If the card #s ends in a alphabet letter, then whatever # that letter is in the alphabet, it would go that spot.IE:  Card # FFT-JW. The card ends in a W, the W is the 23rd letter in the alphabet. So it would go to the 3rd spot. 

As far as redemption's go. If the redemption is a 1/1, then it would go to the person that is in the 1 spot. If the redemption is #d to 5, then it would be randomized to all the people in the 1st 5 spots, because we wouldn't know if the card is 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 or 5/5. So we would just randomize it to those 5 people. All redemption's #d 9 or less will be randomized to the people who would have had a shot at that card if it was made.  IF the redemption card is #d to 10 or higher then it would go to the card number on the redemption. IE: a redemption with the card # 238, would go to the 8 spot. A redemption card # with CK-DL, would go to the 2 spot, because L is the 12th letter of the