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2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Trading Card Hobby Box

$64.75 $109.75

20 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

- Reflective Card Technology using the best card stock and technology to give each card a distinctive reflective shine.
- 90 Card Base Set featuring the characters of the Marvel Universe and the highlights of that character over the past year.
- 5 Different Parallels each with different chrome design and named for the various forms of Adamantium in the Marvel universe. The rarest parallel is numbered to less than 5!
- 5 Unique Subsets that focus on the changing Marvel characters and Universes over the past year including the highly anticipated Secret Wars!
- Original Reflective Sketch Cards that will feature a character hand drawn on reflective card stock. A very first for Marvel Sketch Cards
- Manufactured Face Patches of primary characters in the Marvel Universe including super rare short printed characters! One patch, sketch or comic artist autograph card per box!

View VIBRANIUM Cards Here

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