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5 cards per box.

We have added new subjects to this exciting series such as Gandhi, Malcolm X, Harry Houdini, and more! 
Find 2 1/1's per box guaranteed!! 
20 Total 1/1's Per 10 Box Case on Average
Look for Pieces of the Past Relic Combos featuring: Al Capone, Warhol, Picasso, Monroe, Lennon, Trump, Lincoln, Washington, and more
Look for In The News Cards including more famous people and historical events
Look for Pieces of the Past cards featuring: MLK, Kennedy, Trump, Clinton, King George, Dali, Dalai Lama, Aldrin, and more 
Autographs, Cuts, 1/1's, The Bar 1/1's, Mementos 1/1s, 
Limited Inserts and more history randomly inserted in each box 
Each Box Contains 5 Hits:
- 2 1/1 Relic Cards
- 1 Pieces of the Past Relic Card
- 1 In The News Relic Card
- 1 Combo Relic Card
Some boxes and cases will over deliver
We are ONLY producing 75 limited edition 
numbered 10 box cases