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2015 Bowman Football Hobby Box

$61.75 $79.75

10 packs per box. 25 cards per pack.

- Bowman Football features the first Topps Rookie Cards of the 2015 NFL Season, giving collectors their first opportunity to get officially licensed NFL trading cards!
- Bowman Football showcases Chrome Refractor Rookie Autographs signed directly on-card!
- The deep rookie checklist features 110 Rookie Base Cards and up to 80 Rookie Autograph subjects!
- Each Hobby box guarantees 4 On-Card Rookie Autographs plus 1 Veteran Relic Card!



Rookie Chrome Refractor Autograph Cards
(Up to 80 subjects): Features Hard-Signed Autographs from the upcoming 2015 NFL Rookie Class
- Blue Refractor: Numbered.
- Gold Refractor: Numbered.
- Orange Refractor: Numbered. Hobby Only!
- Red Wave Refractor: #'d to 25. Hobby Only!
- X-Fractor: #'d to 10. Hobby Only!
- Prism Refractor: #'d to 5. Hobby Only!
- Superfractor: #'d 1/1. Hobby Only!
- Printing Plates: #'d 1/1. Hobby Only!

Bowman Autographed Mini Cards
(Up to 80 subjects): 2015 NFL Rookie subjects Hard-Sign vintage-style, mini-sized, 1948 Bowman Design Cards!
- Red Ink Parallels: Signed in Red Ink #'d to 5.

Bowman Relic Cards
Featuring jersey swatches of top performing veterans
- Blue Parallel: Numbered.
- Gold Parallel: Numbered.
- Orange Parallel: Numbered.
- Red Parallel: #'d 1/1.
- Printing Plates Numbered 1/1. Hobby Only!

View BOWMAN Cards Here

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